Students’ Resources

Below is helpful information to assist you with your SGA. Some SAMPLE documents are provided by other TCSG colleges and ASGA.

Please note, this information is GSGA related.

Constitution of the United States
Robert’s Rule of Order  
Voting Resources/Pledge to
Register to Vote/Update Your Registration/Review Key Election Dates  
ASGA Conferences:
2020 GSGA Handbook:Coming soon  
GSGA Student Activities CalendarSee PDF
SGA AdvisorsSee PDF
SGA Meeting Agenda SampleSGA Meeting Agenda Sample
SGA Membership Application SampleSGA Membership Application Sample
SGA Meeting Minutes Sample    SGA Meeting Minutes Sample
SGA Constitution SampleSGA Constitution Sample
SGA Bylaws Samplecoming soon
Procedure: 6.1.1 Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of StudentsSee PDF
Procedure: 6.1.2p Sexual Harassment and MisconductSee PDF
Procedure: 6.6.3p Student Organizations/Club AccountsSee PDF
Procedure: 6.8.1 Field TripsSee PDF
Procedure: 6.8.3 Student AthleticsSee PDF
Procedure: 6.6.2 Student Activity FundSee PDF
GSGA and ASGA’s Position on Lobbying
GSGA Student Activities Calendar (provided; see attached)File attached in email
ASGA Scholarships
Request Training:Coming soon: (link to form; form can be sent to form should include: Advisor’s name, college, email, office phone, description of training requested)