From Butch Oxendine, ASGA Executive Director

For over 16 years, the American Student Government Association has always offered vast online resources for our members. ASGA has a large, comprehensive “SG Database” that stores information on every SG in the nation including research, SG-specific data, best practices, stepby-step guides and more to help your Student Government members, including Advisors, no matter where you are! There is no better time to utilize these resources.

We have several member institutions, such as Washington State, that only have distance education Student Governments so they know how to run their SG efficiently and effectively solely online. ASGA can be paramount in helping your Student Government function remotely. Keep your Student Government sharp and ready to get back to work on campus! Here are just a few ways ASGA can help and questions we can answer:

Butch Oxendine
 1. How to have elections remotely, or should you delay?
 2. How to advocate for your students remotely.
 3. How to connect with your students remotely.
 4. How to continue meetings with your SG members remotely.
 5. How to continue other normal SG operations remotely.

ASGA also highly recommends that you to take this opportunity to update or create your Student Government website for a strong online presence during this time so students can get in contact with your SG and stay up-to-date. ASGA also has a whole section on improving a SG website in our “SG Toolbox”.

Join ASGA at ASGA is here to serve and support your Student Government! We can be reached via Live Chat at ASGA’s website or you can e-mail us at or call us at 352-373-6907.


W.H. “Butch” Oxendine, Jr.
Executive Director
American Student Government Association

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